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About Us

r&c pumpkinsMy wife and I are a retired couple who live on our 16 acre organic farmstead, Bent Birch Farm, in Central Massachusetts. Located an hour’s drive from Boston, and less than an hour from Hartford, CT in Brookfield MA.

We grow large organic gardens, keep sizable flocks of laying hens, and currently have 3 thriving bee colonies. We sell our organic produce, eggs, and honey at our roadside stand, farmers markets and to a large clientele of our friends and neighbors.

We are also experienced dog breeders, breeding purebred Havanese dogs for delightful family pets. Our current pack consists of five females and two males, all of whom have AKC registered pedigrees that include championship bloodlines. Last year we have incorporated some international blood into our line.  Kaiser form the Czech Republic, Mia from Hungry and Piper from Canada! We are adamant about a diversified gene pool to help keep this wonderful breed as healthy as possible.

Z's Havanese

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