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Buyer Questionnaire

As  hard as  it  is  to  let  our  puppies  go  we  know  they  each  deserve  a  new  beginning  in  a  place  of  their  own. And  of  course,  we  just  can’t  keep  them  all.
When  it  comes  time  to  place  our  puppies  (usually  at  8  weeks  of  age)  we  want  to  be  sure  it  is  with  the right person/family  and  the  right  situation.
  • To  help  us  with  this process,  please  be  sure  to  first  ‘do  your  homework’,  read  up  on  the  breed  and  make  a decision  that  is  based  on  your  research  and  understanding  that  adding  a  puppy  to  your  life  is  a  serious  10 – 15  year  commitment.  Call  us  with  any  unanswered  questions  you  might  have.
  • Then  complete  our  questionnaire below.  Click SUBMIT at the end and the information will be emailed back to us at
  • We  will  then  evaluate  your  specific  desires  and  needs  and  respond  as  soon  as  possible.  Please feel free to call  us  if  you  haven’t  heard  back  from  us  within  a few  days.


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