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Our Chocolate Delights


Buster, our sire, Came from a wonderful breeder in PA in 2014.  He is a spectacular physical specimen of a Havanese with championship blood lines. We have not had him professionally evaluated, (simply because we just aren’t really that interested in doing so), but we’ve been told by other breeders that he very well could be a show quality Havanese dog. He sure looks it. He is just a plain beautiful dog with perfect conformation. He is on the robust end of the scale for this breed at 17 pounds and is just the sweetest fun loving guy around.

In 2018 we imported Kaiser (our new sire, who will replace Buster one day) from a well respected breeder in the Czech Republic. Kaiser is ‘Mr. Congeniality’ in our pack.  He is very sweet and handsome, only knows you as a friend as soon as you meet him.  Kaiser is not a chocolate (has the black pigmentation) but carries the chocolate gene and and has produced chocolates in litters he sires.  His luxurious coat is tri color, red, brown, with tan & black markings.  He is also a robust 17 pounds.  We look forward to some red coated colorations from the litters he sires some day.



Also in 2018 we welcomed Piper into the pack from Canada.  Piper is a beautiful pure dark chocolate as well.  Her markings are uniquely her own.  She has a very dark chocolate coat with tan/sable ‘socks’ and the cutest white eyebrows.  She is about 14 pounds.  Piper is athletic and loves to fetch.  She is sweet and calm and can melt you with her eyes. Piper had an extraordinary first litter of eight and was just the most wonderful Mama to all of them.


Our pack now includes three pups that we kept from some of our previous litters.  Ruby was a September 2018 puppy from Mia and Buster.  She is pure chocolate about 14 pounds with a silver mocha colored coat.  Lory was a March 2020 pup from Mia and Buster. She is pure chocolate also about 14 pounds whose coat has lightened to more of a tan/cream color.  Both Ruby and Lory changed colors due to the influence of the sable gene from Daddy Buster.  Our newest additions, Darby from Mia and Kaiser’s litter 9/2020, and Dolly from Piper and Buster’s litter 10/2020.  Darby is a dark dark chocolate like his Mama who will probably be in the 17-pound range like his Dad.  Dolly has the same color and markings of her Mama Piper including the white eyebrows!  She is a little lighter chocolate color. She is very petite (like her Grandmother) and may stay in the 12 pound or less range when fully grown.  (Pictures to be added soon).



Hattie and Zena (photo left) (sisters) were our first pure chocolate Havanese from Maine who retired in 2017.  They both have championship bloodlines and solid pedigrees. They produced many lovely pet and show quality pups before their retirement  as 4 year olds and have gone on to enjoy their lives with new families.  Hattie lives in York ME with our family friends and Zena lives happily in MD with Cathy’s sister Pat.



In 2016 we added CoCo to the pack. (photo right) CoCo retired to a lovely family in CT in 2019.  She is a white chocolate sable.  Her father and grandparents are champions. CoCo is now a white beauty queen likeher mother.  All of her sable coloration has faded (as sables usually do) and her coat is 99% white with a slight wave.  CoCo has all the sweet Havanese qualities.  She is about 12 pounds, runs like the wind and loves the game of tag.




Mia came to us from Hungry in 2017.  Mia (photo right) retired close by in 2021.  She is living happily with a family in North Brookfield, MA.  She is a pure dark chocolate with white markings on her chest and toes. She is a loving sweetheart who can out run CoCo and all the others.  She, like CoCo is also 12 pounds. Mia had an extraordinary 7 puppy litter with Buster in September 2018. Every color and every one healthy.  What a champion Mama she was, who took serious care of her babies each litter.  The video of that litter is on our YouTube channel –  Z’s Havanese.

In 2017 we added Sadie (photo right).  Sadie retired to a family in Oxford, MA in 2021.  Sadie is a chocolate who’s adult coat is now a lovely champagne color.  We found Sadie in TX after much searching and pedigree reviews.  Her father is a Champion red chocolate, her mother a champagne color.  Sadie had some of the most beautiful puppies with Kaiser, but never produced the red color of her father.

Z's Havanese

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