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Our Dogs

Our dogs are healthy and happy members of our family, who live with us in our home. Our extended family, three daughters, sons-in-law, and five grandchildren (so far), spend lots of time at ‘the farm’, and our dogs always enjoy the happy bedlam when the house is full of the joyous noise of family gatherings.

They most definitely are not ‘sissy dogs’. They root their noses through deep snow searching for the field mice that borough in the grass beneath. They don’t hesitate to plunge ahead through snow that is deeper than they are tall. They move with their noses intently to the ground, like small hunting dogs, as we explore our acres of woodlands. They jump and hop over logs and brook beds.  Watching their exuberant joyful play you can see why Havanese make great agility dogs.

Yet as comfortable as they are in the woods, exploring every scent, they are just as comfortable curled up on our laps by the fire.

Our puppies are all “kitchen raised”, with plenty of hands-on loving attention. See the videos of some of our past litters on YouTube at Z’s Havanese.  You can see the area we use for puppies in our dining room.

We are not “show breeders”.  We are “responsible pet breeders”. Our goal, as breeders, is to raise healthy purebred Havanese dogs, with happy and engaging personalities, who make excellent family pets.

We assume that people who visit our website are already familiar with the wonderful Havanese breed, and come to our site because they are looking for a Havanese dog to become their own family pet.

For people who want to learn about the Havanese breed, we suggest that you visit a few of the links listed below for answers to many common questions you might have.  Now that you’ve decided to add a new pet member to your family, you’ll never regret doing the research it takes to help you make an informed choice.

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