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Our Guarantees

Healthy Puppy Guarantee

Dog health guarantees are intended to take some of the anxiety out of buying a ‘product’ that is a living, breathing creature that is subject to the infirmities of disease. The buyer clearly wants the assurance that the puppy she or he selects is healthy when they take it home. The breeder, on the other hand, as careful as she or he may be in evaluating buyers, has no control over how a puppy may be treated or cared for once a buyer takes that puppy home.

Just about every breeder on the planet will give a buyer a healthy puppy guarantee. We, of course, do as well.  We ask that the buyer should have the puppy examined by their own veterinarian within three business days of taking their puppy home.  If the buyer’s vet should find a problem, we will ask that vet to please talk to our vet to describe the problem in detail.

If a genuine health problem exists, and if we are notified within that three-day period, we will work with the buyer to reach an agreement as to how to proceed.

If the buyer elects to treat the puppy’s problem, we will consider, at our option, sharing the expense of immediate treatment not to exceed the purchase price of the puppy.

The buyer can elect to return the puppy immediately, and we will provide them with a different puppy.  If a different puppy is not available immediately, we will provide one as soon as one becomes available.  If we do not expect to have another puppy available within a reasonable time, we will take the puppy back and return the buyer’s purchase money, provided that our vet and the buyer’s vet agree that a genuine health problem existed at the time we delivered the puppy to the buyer.

Longer term genetic guarantee

We will guarantee that any puppy we sell will not exhibit any health threatening genetic defect for a period of two years from the purchase date.  If such a defect should appear, and if verified by both our Vet and the buyers Vet, the buyer may return the dog to us, and we will replace the dog with a healthy puppy as soon as we have one available.

Satisfaction guarantee

If a buyer is not happy with her or his puppy for any reason at all, in a reasonable period of time, we will work closely with the buyer to find a resolution of whatever problem exists.  A buyer may, for example, return a dog to us, for any reason, and we will try to find that dog a new home by selling that dog to a new owner.  If we are successful in selling the dog, (which is not normally a problem), we will remit to the dog’s previous owner(s) a portion of the new purchase price.


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