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Our Philosophy

Our goal is to breed purebred Havanese dogs that exhibit the best characteristics of this wonderful breed, with our primary emphasis being to produce healthy puppies which exhibit those characteristics which contribute the most to them being excellent family pets.

We are not “show breeders”. The primary emphasis of many show breeders is to produce the most physically beautiful dogs. As we explain more thoroughly elsewhere on our site, we believe that many of the breeding practices used by show breeders in their pursuit of maximum physical beauty in their dogs can compromise the other characteristics of the breed that make them excellent family pets.

We certainly want to breed purebred Havanese dogs that have the attractive physical characteristics of this breed, but we are less concerned with breeding for maximum physical beauty, and more concerned with breeding for good health, and for characteristics of a happy and loving temperament and personality that make the Havanese breed such excellent family pets.


Z's Havanese

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