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Some Havanese Will Change Color.

JusBuster conformationt for your general information, here’s our sire IMG_1548Buster at 8 weeks old (left) and one year old on the right.  His birthday was February 27, 2014

Note how his coloration changed somewhat as he aged. The Sable color Havanese change the most from puppy to adult. The light hair growing around his eyes was a good indication to us that his color would change to a lighter sable parti as an adult.

The full chocolate coats usually stay chocolate.  Our Hattie has the silver gene and her adult coat now has some silver hair mixed in.  Zena, her sister only has a small amount of the silver gene so her coat is still very chocolate with only a slight amount of silver hair. Usually the parti color pups stay chocolate and white through adult without any change.

Z's Havanese

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