Breeders of the Most Delightful Family Pets

Zena’s (May 2015) pups are now walking!

These three little ones are playing and doing all the things a puppy at 4 weeks usually do.  Zena is doing a great job of keeping them fed and clean.  She even wants to lick the pee pad after they use it.  A mothers job is never done.

This little guy will have the name Benny and is going to live in West Boylston when he is ready.


Little Chocolate Sisters (Hazel, going to NJ & Melody, going to Spencer MA) are hard to tell apart.  One has one white toe on the front paw and the other has a white toe on one front paw and one back paw.

Zena's little Chocolate with one white toe at almost 4 weeks. It's hard to tell her apart from her sister except that sister has two white toes, one on the front and one on the back foot.
Zena’s little Chocolate with one white toe at almost 4 weeks. 


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